View and Update your Profile

Your profile details are sourced from your Ahpra registration and from information you provided when completing the SafeScript NSW registration process. You can view this information, and update additional details used by SafeScript NSW.

  1. From the user profile menu (top right), select Profile.

    The Personal Details screen is displayed.

    The Personal Details, Primary Place of Practice and Prescriber number are sourced from your Ahpra registration and cannot be edited in SafeScript NSW.

    • For most practitioners, whose Ahpra Primary Place of Practice is NSW, the Primary Place of Practice section is read-only.

    • For practitioners who register for SafeScript NSW, and who are registered with Ahpra in another State, but may work across the border or treat patients from NSW, the Primary Place of Practice section is editable and has two extra fields (Address 1 and Address 2).

    If any of these details are incorrect or out-of-date, please contact Ahpra to update your registration details. Any changes made by Ahpra will be reflected in SafeScript NSW.

  2. In the Additional Details section, you can update the following details:
    • Contact Number: Used for communications to you from SafeScript NSW. This telephone number is not shared with other SafeScript NSW users.
  3. If you made any changes, select Save to update your profile. Alternatively, to discard your changes, select Cancel.